ATMOTEC®POREA is made of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (еPTFE). Its micro porous
structure is with 1,395 billion pores per square centimeter (9 billion per sq. inch). The mano
pores are 20 000 times smaller than the rain drop but in the same time 700 times larger than
the vapour molecule. Because of this parameters the water cant penetrate trough the
membrane but the vaporised sweat freely goes outside.
Air Permeability - 1700 cubic feet/24h - ASTM D737-2004
Water Resistance - 1500 mbar - ISO811 1981
Because is the highest class membranes
and thanks to the new manufacturing
technology it is several times cost
competitive as in the same time offers the
same or higher functional results
comparing with the leaders in this
membrane technology.
It is widely used like laminate or like
z-liner for apparel, and also like
membrane inserts for hats, gloves and
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