During intense physical activity heat evolves, warming the body and causing perspiration.
When the apparel is equipped with ATMOTEC®PLASMA technology shield, the micro-capsules
liquefy (turn into plasma) and absorb surplus heat when the temperature of the body
microclimate exceeds 32°C. This heat is stored and released when the temperature falls below
28°C as the micro-capsules transit from liquid to solid state. However, after prolonged periods
in hot environment the micro-capsules might get overloaded and stop absorbing the excess
heat. To cool the skin, the body starts sweating. ATMOTEC®PLASMA traps this moisture and
transports it outward through its micro-pores. At the same time, thanks to the porous structure’s
one-way permeability, the shield prevents rain and wind from reaching the body.
Heat is distributed throughout Plasma
Stored heat is released back to
he body as needed, maintaining
optimal microclimate
Redundant moisture is transported to outer
side and unimpededly vaporises
Rain and other hostile moisture
is blocked out from Plasma shield
Excess heat generated by the body
absorbed into ATMOTEC®PLASMA
fibres reducing overheating
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